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Interface Financial Group (IFG), The- From 1972, until they started to franchise its system in 1990, IFG worked with hundreds of clients. Sheehy, the founder of The Interface Financial Group, states that, “It didn’t matter what industry our clients were in, they all had two things in common — they needed an immediate infusion of working capital, and their bank wouldn’t or couldn’t accommodate them.”


Attirance- Attriance has opened stores all across the globe in 2012 -in February we opened a franchise-store in Luanda , ANGOLA -in March we opened a franchise-store in Monterrey, MEXICO -in June we will open a franchise-store in Sana’a , YEMEN -in June our MF Lebanon will open a second franchise-store in Beirut -in July our MF Turkey will open a second store in Istanbul -in August we will open a franchise-store in Sent-Denis, REUNION island In January we sold our Master-Franchisee to CHINA, so this big market now is opened for us and we will be opened our first franchise-stores in CHINA!!


Blue Spirit- “ The first Blue Spirit jewellers store opened in Melbourne's CBD in 1991. The store is still trading in Bourke Street, Melbourne."


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