FRANCHISE in Computers & Internet, Home Based Businesses, Personal Services

Bluesky Group

What's the Opportunity ?

The Bluesky Group’s internet marketing business license is a fantastic opportunity to join an established an proven worldwide network which has helped many individuals to achieve a long term sustainable income while doing interesting and valuable work that all small businesses rely on. You have the opportunity of developing both instant, and residual income!

We provide you with products and services that all businesses need to succeed, and we allow you to offer those products and services and prices that are the best in the marketplace. We give you more opportunity for success, by offering all the benefits and support of a Franchise business, without the limitations that a franchise places upon you.

Our products

Our products, Activ Web Design, and Activ SEO are registered trademarks, and have been developed and refined over 5 years. They take the technical knowledge out of the web marketing process, leaving you to concentrate the bulk of your time on marketing and sales.

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Potential Market

In Australia, almost a full 50% of businesses have no internet presence, meaning that they are at high risk of losing customers who are turning to the internet for information and purchases in ever increasing numbers.

The potential market is huge and growing daily. There are currently almost 2 million registered businesses in Australia. In 2012 alone, almost 200,000 new business were registered (source: Australian Securities and Investments Commission), and all of them need to develop their web presence!

Earning Potential

We have established individuals operating our business opportunity with verified annual accounts earning over AUD$100,000 per year. Of course, what you get out of this business, as with all businesses is commensurate with what you put in.

A likely scenario, for a dedicated individual would see earnings of AUD$50,000 in the second year of operation, coming from making only 2 sales per month!


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