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November, 2011, marked an important point in RFG´s history where we officially went GREEN! The ´RFG Green Team´, staff members embraced this initiative, changing out of their suits and swapping them for green shirts, hats, and one even coloured his hair!

Retail Food Group believes that we have a responsibility to the environment in which we operate. The diversity and geographic depth of our business operations reach into many Australian and New Zealand communities. We are therefore committed to improving environmental performance across the entirety of our business where feasible and will encourage our business partners to join us in this effort.

We have already taken steps to improve our environmental footprint and these include:

  • Being a long term signatory to the National Packaging Covenant which is a voluntary initiative of Australian governments and private business to reduce the effects of packaging upon the environment through introduction of efficient packaging production, improved design and reducing the impacts on the environment of disposed packaging;
  • The introduction of environmentally sustainable packaging materials including prior replacement of foam cups within the Donut King and bb´s cafè system and the development of bake-able trays for the Brumby´s system which reduces paper linings and inner carton dividers;
  • Exploitation of sustainable measures in the design of National Office including use of energy efficient light fittings, the use of natural light to reduce air-conditioning load, environmentally appropriate landscaping and the imminent installation of light sensors in all bathrooms; and
  • The continued advancement of fair-trade coffee products within the Esquires Coffee Houses system.


Retail Food Group remains committed to reducing its impact on the environment and realizing the many benefits be they ecological, social or economic, that can be derived from that commitment. The Company therefore asks that all staff members commit themselves to the following - Green Protocols - in the conduct of their day to day activities:

RFG´s Green Protocols:

Turn the lights off after you have finished in a common room or should you be leaving your office for an extended period
Turn off your computer every night
Turn power-points off after use
Avoid printing - proof read on your screen and send via email
Print double sided to save paper
Print in black & white - only print in colour if absolutely necessary as this uses more energy
Do not leave paper on the printer - it´s a waste
Write more succinctly to reduce printable papers
Recycle your paper where possible
Recycle your aluminium cans in the bins provided
Conserve water
Bring your own coffee mug so you´re not wasting paper cups

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